Seattle Kids Yoga



Family Yoga is a special bonding opportunity for adults and children alike — it creates peace and love in families, and it’s so much FUN!

When families are given the opportunity to practice Yoga and laugh together in class, they develop skills of togetherness and strategies for communication to take off the mat and into the home. Seattle Kids Yoga Teachers are available for private and group Family Yoga classes and events.

Nicole is driven by purpose, honed with her mad skills to listen, teach and have fun. All of this together is a powerful combination with the practice of Yoga. Nicole is doing this from the heart and it shows. She inspires through action. She is committed to people of all ages connecting with each other, the Earth, the Universe and themselves to make the world a more compassionate, relaxed and loving place.
— Jen Anderson, mom of Skye

Notable Past Family Yoga Events:

Nicole caters to children and families in particular. For me, as a young mom, it was so helpful to find ‘down time’ in her classes and then to later access these tools for relaxation and to connect with my family. I think this is what my daughter means when she says, ‘Nicole changed my life. Yoga makes me happy. Yoga makes everything loose. It makes me feel good.
— Jen Anderson, mom of Skye